Expanded Cinema

On 7 Nov 2012, Al Rees led an exploration of expanded cinema of the 1960s to 80s, as part of the Exploded Screen elective, showing works by Gill Eatherley, Malcolm le Grice, Stephen Ball and the like: drawing on film, putting it through sewing machines, moving projectors, taking off clothes. All the while showing how light and colour fill a space as much as sound does.

Myron Kreuger did similar experiments with computers, as did the Computer Art Society. Bernard Stiegler and IRCAM were pushing boundaries with music, Archigram was pushing architecture. What are contemporary analogues? Maybe Jesse Jones, Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, the work of Ramesh Raskar.

For the Exploded Screen, Jon Wozencraft asked students to film or photograph something black and something white with their iPhones, then switch between the two as a choreographed group. Not phones but screens, frames, light- and shadow-generating objects. iPhone as political instrument, altering a space. Not unlike expanded cinema…

For a good intro to expanded cinema, see this article from Tate, and this timely exhibition. Also:

  • http://lux.org.uk
  • Sparks in electrical jelly
  • Peter Zinoviev
  • British Artists film & video study collection @ CSM
  • http://www.rewind.ac.uk/expanded/Narrative/Home.html
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