Exploded Screen is an initiative of the Information Experience Design programme at the RCAExploded Screen explores the creation and communication of information and narratives in a post-screen, post-digital, post-linear world. We explore moving image as communication and research, design and fine art, data-translation and new experience. We re-imagine future forms and content for moving image narratives, taking a critical methodology from within communication design practice.

Guests 2016
Matt Clark
Adam Curtis
Financial Times

Tutors 2016
Kevin Walker
Michaela French

Students 2016
Olle Alm
Emily Briselden-Waters
Maria Euler
Daria Jelonek
Jungwon Jung
Suramya Kedia
Virginia Koutla
Sylvana Lautier
Rose Leahy
Helen Mair
Amanda Olesen
John-Michael Parry
Anna Ridler
Yinan Song
Robert Walker
Ava Watson
Ker Siang Yeo
Kim Yip Tong
Liu Yiqiao

Guests 2014
Random International
Loop pH
Adam Gee / Channel 4
Isabel Froes / ITU Copenhagen
Jussi Ängeslevä / Art+Com
Priya Prakash
John Fass

Tutors 2014
Kevin Walker
Jon Wozencroft
Nicky Hamlyn
Jennifer Nightingale

Students Autumn 2014
Alexandra Lang
Chiayun Wu
Feng Pei
Ines Neto dos Santos
Joshua Spindler
Kelly Spanou
Kevin Hsia
Lorenzo Pradelli
Maria Mercedes Capitan Lopez
Mimi Onuoha
Shijie Hai
Yu-Hsuan Hsiao

Students Spring 2014
Mariia Batsii
Heidi Benham
Jayoon Choi
William Fairbrother
Jacqueline Ford
Emily Groves
Carrolynne Hsieh
Jae Kyung Kim
Michael Pecirno
Deborah Pelling
Yashaswini Raghunandan
Oliver Smith
Mathilda Symonds
Francesco Tacchini
Xueling Wang
Bea Wilson
Robert Wilson

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